Lake Oconee GA Area Online Yard Sale

**Admin / GTB Financial Inc / R. Brian Butler not responsible for meetings between buyers**

Whether you are listing your children’s clothes, your boat, or even your home, Lake Oconee Yard Sale can help! We offer a way for you to list and sell your items without the hassle of fees and shipping headaches like other online selling sites. Becoming a member of Lake Oconee Yard Sale is free. You can upload and manage your own items. Stop throwing away your old stuff and make some quick and easy money!

This is an open Facebook page and is designed for those in the Lake Oconee area who have items for sale but no time for a yard sale.


1.) Please create an album for your items. This will make it easier for you to check what items of yours have comments and it will help to de-clutter the group's feed.

2.) Only "bump" or move your item to the top once in a 48 hour period.

3.) Remove your item once it has sold.

4.) No advertising of any business on the page.

From the Administrator:

I do not verify or endorse postings on this page, nor am I responsible for anything that may occur as a result of using this free site. Inappropriate postings will be deleted! I suggest not paying for items you have not been able to view and/or approve. NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEES FROM ADMINISTRATOR. USE THIS PAGE AT YOUR OWN RISK. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE.

Helpful Hints:

Use the "view photos" link on the right side of the page to do a quick view of items for sale.

Use the search toolbar on the top right of the page to find something specific.

When posting an item or items for sale please provide picture (when possible), description and asking price.

Also on the top right of the page is the "Edit Settings" box, change the settings in "Edit settings" to keep from being overloaded with a million emails a day :)

Good Luck and Happy Buying/Selling/Trading/Looking!!!