Landlording Houses Full Time

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Landlords are able to post their vacancies directly to Tenants, who can post their search criteria for their new residence, as well as browse previous post via the Search Bar with their City/State/Zip code, or connect directly with a Property Manager or Leasing Agent to assist with their Rental Search.

This group caters to Landlords looking to help improve our asset management business by helping each other build effective property management systems, solve daily problems, share stories, discuss Tenant Screening, Creative Financing Strategies, connecting with Talent for building our Teams with the overall purpose of becoming financially free by Learning How To Build Real Wealth correctly and expand our Passive Income safely.

Real Estate Agents are able to promote and refer their rental customers to active Leasing Agents or Landlords for a Referral Fee.

We will not tolerate spam, personal squabbling, disclosing or sharing people’s confidential information, disrespect, or inappropriate language.

All promotion business opportunities, multilevel networking, guru course marketing, coaching/mentoring service promoting, or anything not related to Real Estate must be cleared via Admin or else you face the chance of being removed without warning.


Landlords/Agents posting RENTALS MUST include # of Beds, Baths, Sq. Feet, Rent Price, City, State, Zipcode, and Atleast 1 Picture

Tenants/Agents posting RENTAL REQUEST CRITERA MUST include # of Beds, Baths, Price Range, Potential Cities, State, and Your Moving Deadline. The clearer you are with your request the more likely you will find assistance.

3+Bedrooms, 2+ Baths, 1500+ Square Feet, $1200-1600, Southside Chicago Suburbs, IL, Move by August 1st.