Crime watchers Lansing, Il

"Crime Watchers Lansing, IL" is a group of friends, family and neighbors. Bonding together, we strive to keep our village free from drugs, thugs, and crime. THIS GROUP IS FOR LANSING RESIDENTS ONLY.

In cooperation with the Lansing Police Department and our local Watch Groups, we can keep this community safe for our children --- not just to live in -- but to play, walk, run, ride their bikes, etc.

Many times a member will witness an incident in progress or directly following a situation; in the event that a member would like to submit a photo to our group, he or she should send the photo via PM to an admin (listed below). Admins will make sure the photo is satisfactory for facebook and appropriate in nature. All pictures will be submitted in a timely manner following an incident. If you have any questions.. feel free to message. If you see any questionable material that is posted, promptly tag an admin in the comment section of the thread. Thanks so much :)

MEMBERSHIP IS LIMITED TO RESIDENTS OF LANSING, IL--- ONLY... . Inbox an admin if you have an elderly parent here and they are not online.

Please do not use the group to post your business ads. Lansing Illinois Sales and the Thrift Stores are a better choice for your advertisements.

For anyone who wants to remain anonymous but sees gang or drug activity, you can call 708- 895-7105. They will increase police activity and look into the allegations. It is a voice mailbox heard immediately.

As always, there is the non-emergency number of 708-895-7150.


When there is little crime to discuss, our group serves as an outlet to discuss everything Lansing, Illinois. All we ask is that you be respectful of other members; considerate of other's opinions; and please do not mention names of individuals or use profanity (You can get yourself into trouble).


Lansing Crime Watchers does not tolerate racism of any sort. Any displays of racism or any acts of "racial baiting" will result in a 30 day suspension from our group. Upon returning to our group, any additional displays of racism will get you banned for life.

Racism IS discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race OR the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

If you have any questions, please --without hesitation-- message an admin. Your admins are Cheryl Ramirez, Colleen Ziemkowski, Diane Costello, or Kandace Mack, John Sufie, Cheryl Canaan Cheek, or Latosha Harb