Forex Trading Technical Analysis & Forecast

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please read this group's description, until the end, before asking to join!


This type of Analysis represent my own idea of trading. If you want to try it, you must understand you are doing it on your own risk. I recommend you to try this on a DEMO account, first. Then you can decide if you can manage it successfully, on your real money account. However, if you decide to use this type of analysis on real money account, the risk involved it's all yours !!!


1). Every joining request IDs, are verified. If you have a recently created profile, few friends, only or no activity on your profile wall, no photos, you will not only be denied to join. But you will be blocked, also. In this way, I wont see your future joining requests (new profiles are usually created for spam, only).

2). Use the English language for your comments, only.

3) Posting any links = mark as spam+report+removed the from group.
(same thing for the "smart comments" related to websites/groups/etc - SEO tool, google it).

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