GSU Latin Rhythm Dance Group

Latin Rhythm Dance Group is the only dance club dedicated at exposing GSU to various Latin dances, such as Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue.

President: Naundy Eason
VP: Jazmine Moreland
Treasurer: Victor "Tito" Rodriguez
PR: Mirage Sanders
Lead Male: Cordell Moodie
Back up Male: Derek "Dez" Joyce
Back up Female: TaylorGANG Morris

Our goal:
To expose GSU to latin dance and culture. Ultimately, we aim to host or implement weekly latin nights near or on campus.

What do we teach?
Since the lead instructor's area of expertise is Bachata, most of the workshops will be dedicated to that genre. We will throw salsa and bachata workshops periodically.

What's bachata?
Bachata is a popular latin genre of music that originated in the Dominican Republic. Once only played in the barrios and brothels, bachata has grown world wide. The music is saturated with themes of heartbreak, tragedy, and romanticism. Bachata is often considered the most sensual genre of the big three (salsa, merengue, bachata).
Here's how it's danced:

Where do we meet?
The Russell Union Rm. 2080

Sundays at 3:00PM

Fees are $20. If money is tight, we'll allow installment payments.

What do my fees pay for?
Membership. In addition to receiving an hour long workshop by skilled and dedicated instructors (and a full hour of social dancing afterwards), fees will be used to pay for equipment, water, and snacks.
Additionally, once a venue is chosen, members who paid their fees will either get into the venue for free or at discount price.

What if I don't want to pay the club fee?
Individuals can opt out of paying the club fee and pay $4 per workshop if they choose to do so.