Natural Parenting for Non-Hippies (Lemoore/Hanford, CA)


To connect "instinctive" parents for friendship and support, to open dialogue about parenting issues (even taboo ones), and to share information and learn from each other.


This is a place for respectful conversation about pregnancy, birth, and parenting, with a lean toward what comes naturally, or what our guts tell us is right. Cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, homeopathics, delayed/selective vaccinating, and other "crunchy" topics.

The facebook group is open to anyone who wishes to participate in this discussion, regardless of where they're located.

The meet-ups will be mostly based in the central valley of California, with possibilities for others if there is interest.

(And yes, you're welcome if you call yourself a hippie. It's just a catchy name.)

1. This is a DRAMA FREE zone. If you bring drama to the group you will be asked to leave or removed.

2.If you are the owner of a small business we ask that you please do not spam the business page but you can add yourself to the member business list files here: