Lets Talk Photography North East

Welcome to 'Let's Talk Photography North East'

*Our aim:
We are UK based photographers who aim for an inclusive and tolerant group where people of all ages and all learning levels, using all types of equipment can come together and enjoy talking about photography and showing their photos, getting feedback and learning, and arranging meets with like minded people from here.*

If you have a passion for photography, whether you have a camera phone, compact camera, bridge camera or DSLR, or even if you don't have a camera yet but plan to get one, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're experienced or just starting out, and you want a friendly, helpful group who accept anyone on the basis of their interest in photography, you've come to the right place. We all started at the bottom and all of us were helped along the way and we'd like to give that help back.

LTPNE is a group for everyone to pool their knowledge, ideas and experience about photography, make new friends and learn from other like minded individuals, or simply enjoy photography related chatter and banter.

We run a relaxed and fun site here, it's a site for families and whilst we push boundaries sometimes we ask you to respect that there are over 3,000 members some of whom are very young, so content and language is not monitored usually but we expect it to reflect a friendly, family environment.

If you need a group admin for any reason click on the 'Members' tab under the group banner, and click admins, then contact any one of us.

Posting of images in the group is subject to the rules and guidelines in the Guidelines document. This can be found in the Files section of the group. Please read them.

You may also post links of photos, educational materials and resources from the web, which are related to photography, and share useful articles on commonly asked questions such as Depth of Field, Using Flash, Taking Portraits etc etc as long as you reference them by name or URL.
You can even post For Sale and Wanted ads for photographic related equipment.

You are welcome to add any friends who are interested in photography to the group, by doing so you help to make this group more active and interesting.

We all hope you enjoy being a member :)