"Straight Talk! Straight Understanding"


Every one is welcomed to join:

This is Therapeutic Media at its best; like "Healing Waters and/or Relief Therapy" for the mind, soul, heart, spirit and body:
(James 3:1-10) It has been said that "Hurt people, hurt people". Let us reverse that curse by Helping and Healing People". Accept people for who they are smile emoticon

Yea, you are grown but this is not a war zone; rather, a place to EXHALE the pressures which will burst a pipe. So release it and go forward. Let go of your anger, frustrations, bitterness, rage, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, breaches, anxieties, anguish of soul, troubled of mind; broken heart and crushed spirit.

Our disclaimer
"Straight Talk! Straight Understanding!" Does not stand directly nor indirectly behind the comments and statements made by any members of this group. This is a grown ups forum of words, dissertations and expressions. Therefore, each individual is responsible for whatsoever they write herein.

Be free here but be wise in your release of words: "We will not accept responsibility for slander, tales, gossips, discord, divisive, abusive, belligerent, incendiary, defaming comments. We do exercise freedom of speech herein as written in our 5 Amendment Rights Act: therefore, own up to your own messy madness. angel emoticon