Liberty Way Community

This is a closed group for Liberty Way residents present who are wanting to get to know other residents.

You may post to this Group anything to do with recovery. Many people work different programs, do not be closed minded if someone works a different program than you. You can and are encouraged to comment about what works for you, but it may not work for the next person.

This is a CLOSED group, your post will not show up on Non members walls.
Please treat this group with anonymity and do not share outside the Liberty Way Community.

We want this to be a place to share, ask for help from other residents, and just be able to be who you are. Its a place to have fun also!!!

However this is not a place to ask questions to the office or staff.

The Admins will be responsible for allowing people to join. and will monitor communication in the group.

If anyone breaks anonymity, becomes hateful or harmful to another member you will be removed from the group.

The admin are here to protect and encourage Liberty Way and its residents.

We are not here to Govern conversations, opinions or comments unless it is harmful to others.

If you block any Admin of this page, you will be removed from the page until a time that you are willing to unblock the Admin.

Besides the LibertyWayWichita facebook page, this is the only authorized Liberty way page.