Light Cast Group (Group Page)

Welcome to Light Cast Group's discussion page and group site for Photographers and photographic educators.

Our #1 rule is keep it positive or we will delete it. This site is designed to be a productive and encouraging space for education and sharing.

Here everyone is invited to discuss photography, business, photographic education and share images.

We also want you to post upcoming events you are involved with and ones you think the group would like to know about. Please add your event to our our 'Event' Tab so that we have a calendar of what our friends are up to.

CC (Image Critique) are to be asked for if they are wanted otherwise it will be assumed the images posted are for inspiration.

This is not a page to be used to complain about how bad things are or to bring anyone down. Let's keep it a positive and encouraging space only. Unproductive complaint type comments or debate will be deleted. Also do not tag, or link other studios as an example of what not to do. Please be respectful.

We have set this group up as closed which means people outside of this group will not see comments posted.

Have fun and thanks for being part of the Light Cast Group.