English speaking group in Prague

Welcome to the English Speaking Group. This is not another group of expats in Prague full of advertisements and random events. It's not even just a Facebook group.
We are a group of English speaking friends that usually hang out together. Most of us are people who came alone to Prague and wanted to meet other English speaking people or Czechs who wants to meet with international guys.
We decided to create the Facebook group to coordinate our events and to give the chance to other expats who just came to Prague and don't know anybody here to join us.
The main event of the Group is the Tuesday Meeting. It is held every Tuesday at 19:00 at some pub and it is a great opportunity for new members to actually join the group by meeting old members.
We want to keep this group as is, a group of good friends. To achieve that we need to establish some rules:
- Only people living in Prague are allowed in the group.
- Please, join the group if you are willing to attend our events. If you are just looking for a flat or want to ask questions about life in Prague, there are other groups for that. We will remove all the people who don't attend to any event. If you are removed by mistake, please rejoin.
- Any kind of commercial advertisement is strictly forbidden.
- If you are looking for a flat, a plumber, you have a flat for rent, etc. I recommend you to post it in other groups like crowdsauce, flatshare or expats.cz instead of posting it here.

Anybody can organize and create an event for the group. Unfortunately Facebook only allows admins to invite all the members of the group. If you are interested in creating an event, create it and speak with one of the admins to invite the whole group.

We want to build a group of great people, make friends and have fun :-).