Legenda Education Group (Community Group)

Our Group is for those have Problem,or any else so we can share to with other people and we have good communicate with other people.

We must Learn bout:
-Sharing Idea
-Fix Problem

and more...
we hope everyone can away be happy in this college,eventhought we have fail sometime,but that is let we learn about it how to success something~

If have any comment or complaint that u wanna to to discuss just click on
and start spam on it

Anywhere u wish 2 go please check at here be4 u go
and here

Any future pblm tat u cannot solve plz contact
Mr Eric,Mr Penguin,Mr Desmond or Mr Thomas =D
they four person will away behind u all to helping u guys!!! :D

Our Group Email is:
[email protected]
[email protected]