This group has its beginning in a street photography event, the photowalk at Calle Ocho in Little Havana Dec 8th 2012. This was one of the key events of the Miami Street Photography festival. More than 40 photographers took part in it and I decided to create the group to share our photographs from the event and also all future (and past) pictures taken in Little Havana. Also all the events related to Little Havana will be announced here.

More on the area:
Little Havana is a Cuban neighborhood west of Downtown Miami; it is one of the few places in Miami where street life is still blooming and street photography is tolerated by locals. Started as a the concentration of Cuban immigrants in the 60s, it grew sharply over the years. It is almost 100% Hispanic area with Cubans and other Central American immigrants living together; it is considered a center of the Cuban exile community.

Emir Shabashvili
Dec 2012, Miami