Clash of Clans Live Aloha Hui - Da'kine kick `okole clan! Lez'go!

Live Aloha Hui is comprised wonderful humans who have joined together to play Clash of Clans. We all were attracted to this clans values, with the most important practice to pay forward the Spirit of Aloha through tolerance, kindness and generosity.

There are detailed rules and guidelines posted at our webiste ( that all members must read, agree to and abide by.

Overall, rules and guidelines are pretty common-sense kind of directives. A few examples would be something like donate if you request and donate more than you request whenever possible, as well as to take both attacks in a war (or leave and come back if you can't), be open-minded, don't ditz or flame others, don't take joking/teasing personally, respect the adults in the clan (our elders, age-wise), always set positive examples for each other and our youth (age-wise), and do your very best for yourself because that is the way you will be doing the very best for our clan family... to name a few.

Loyalty is very important to the longevity in our clan, as is each member being as helpful as possible. It is vital to our clan that each of our members not only abide by the rules and guidelines in place, but also help other members to do the same.

Our members are genuinely nice to one another and not critical or mean. Members respect each other, our individual preferences and differences, as well as the clan as an OHANA... of family.

We no always gotz ta agree on every ting, cuz der iz no one right way that is the only way :)

Indeed, there are many different ways to play, build, grow and have fun in Clash of Clans with our clan family. I believe that our clan family enjoys playing together as we help each other build, grow and clash on.

I hope they always will!

Malama pono,

MamaKeiki, Founder/Leader