Lodi Antiques & Collectibles FleaMarket

I love antiques .. really anything old! Buckets, tools, pictures, furniture, dishes. This group is strictly for those items (collectible items or classic furniture pieces that would fit in with this theme are acceptable - just try to stick to the intent of the group).
No wading through a dozen Coach bags or Toddler clothing.. just the good stuff!
No limitations on number of posts as we get going but please don't post the same thing twice and if you sell an item (woohoo!!) please delete the picture.
Prices and locations are important.. I don't know about you but I hate having to ask the prices on things and risk offending someone with a low offer.
Please no ads for your business.. you are welcome to mention your business within an ad for a specific item or items - Antique bookshelf $100 can be seen at 1234 E main at ABC Antiques. = but if someone contacts you here about the item you MUST respond. You cannot force them to go to your business for info by ignoring their questions.
Facebook ad guidelines and restrictions.. https://www.facebook.com/help/399392800124391/
Admin is not responsible for your behavior outside this group.. Please be careful when meeting people to purchase items. We are not responsible for accuracy in listings. Do NOT prepay anyone.. only give them your money when they give you the exact item you thought you were buying. :)