Lost Newcastle

Created and curated by ABC Newcastle's Carol Duncan (12 August 2012) and inspired by Lost Sydney - let's build a collection of people's photographs of Newcastle through the generations.

Photos can be old or new, but tell the story that goes with them! Identify the location of the photo if you can and PLEASE ATTRIBUTE! If you have posted the photo from somewhere else, please let me know. Likewise, if it's yours something like 'personal collection' will be great. If I am to ever turn Lost Newcastle into a website - which I very much want to do - it will help greatly if I know where images have come from.

Lost Newcastle is built on community and your user-generated content. It is assumed that if you post your photographs and stories here on Facebook, that you understand they are likely to be 'liked', enjoyed, copied and shared by others. If you do not want your photographs shared elsewhere, do not post them here.

So, your job is to get happy with the posting of your fabulous photos that tell Newcastle stories! Reminiscences are great and have gathered many comments, but please dig through your photographs and add them whenever you can.

Perhaps we will organise guided walks and information evenings, exhibitions, who knows! Use the 'events' tab to keep an eye on things.

Please try to keep your posts relevant. General remiscence is lovely but if your post is not on the topic of Newcastle and surrounds, it may be deleted by an admin.

For new members: You can use the 'search' function via the magnifying glass icon on the right hand side at the bottom of the cover photograph. Starting off by browsing through the 'photos' tab would be a good idea so you get an idea of what has already been posted by other members.

And for all members, this group is moderated, but I try not to interfere too much. I do NOT want to delete posts or to ban members, but I will do if I consider it necessary. Keep it nice, keep it polite and respectful and everyone will remain happy.

If your email inbox is being flooded with notifications, turn 'notifications' off by using the tab under the cover photograph.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to me via message or email [email protected]