Lounge Room for NonReligious Women

A private closed group for non religious ladies for relaxing by socializing and also to get support. Everyone can post, comment or give an opinion on any matter. Be prepared, others may not agree with you.

The Lounge Room for NonReligious Women (LR) adheres to Facebook's Community Standards, Facebook only will decide when a Community Standard has been violated and do what they deem necessary to keep the community safe.

The Lounge Room does not have an 'official stance' on ANY subject. At the Lounge Room we just encourage a SECULAR behaviour, however, any topic can be discussed.

The Lounge Room was never meant to be a place for only agreeable people or where people would have to express themselves the same way. The Lounge Room is as free of added-rules as possible. LR-Admins don't take sides in a dispute. LR-Admins reserve the right to ban anyone (having only very few criteria for banning). LR-Admins will try to "save" the group as much as possible if a ideological-storm heads our way. LR-Admins do not impose their personal points of view and won't 'silence' anyone.

At the Lounge Room admins are concerned about freedom of expression and the right to exchange information, we welcome diversity and we encourage everyone to express themselves, no matter the ideology or the philosophical background.

Personal emotional reactions can't and won't be controlled by LR-Admins either. When there is no manner to resolve a dispute between members, blocking a member is strongly advised at the Lounge Room, yet again, LR-Admins won't force anyone to block other people with coercive measures.

Hopefully, being part of this group can become a good experience for you where you can express your ideas and work out how your feel or think about any subject. If you know someone who you think would be a fit in this group (or was kicked out from another group ;)) please tell them to join us!


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