The Low Carb Life

The low carb life is a group made for people who live low carb! ...Keto, Atkins, or even just low carb high fat. Everyone is welcome. Carbs are not!

Share your recipes, share your results, motivate others and succeed together!

Entry Requirements:

Member of less than 100 groups
Facebook account more than 6 months old.


1. Don't be rude. Pretty simple. Don't abuse other members. Don't troll. Don't be condescending. You know everyone was new to low carb at one point.

2. Don't discuss religion or politics. Please note that in this context, 'politics' is an umbrella term that covers social issues as well. To be clear, any posts or comments containing discussion of social politics, or discrimination or derision of another's gender, sexuality, race, religion, culture, etc will be viewed as a breach of this rule. This holds true as a pretty standard rule for civilised discussion, online and elsewhere. For more clarification, see Rule 1.

3. All food posts must be low carb! No posting of cheat meals, Cheat days, or anything that isn't low carb. We understand people have cheat days, but not everyone does and this group is not about promoting carbs and we do not want to tempt others to cheat!

4. No posting of other pages or self promotion unless it's directly helpful to the current community. Recipe posts are good, Pyramid schemes and MLM will get you banned (This includes Ketopia / Pruvit), same goes for excessive spams.

5. Progress photos are welcome, please keep them Suitable For Work (SFW).

6. Competitions MUST be discussed with the admins first.

7. Relating again to Rule 1, creeping, harassment or bullying are not tolerated here. There are no warnings. You WILL be banned.
If you feel you are being harassed or bullied, PM an admin immediately. We will take it seriously.

8. Whether it's Keto, Atkins, or another Low Carb lifestyle Please do not judge, Everyone has different needs and different ideas, there is no 1 single recipe for success.

9. On that note Keto is not a diet! A diet implies that it will end at some point and that you are depriving yourself of something, keto/paleo are lifestyle choice so please refer to them as such.

10. No low effort or link only posts, They will be removed and you will be assumed to be a bot. Please talk about the link and what information is relevant. If it helped you, How did it help you? We are here to learn and share experiences :) If your first post to the group is a bunch of links, you will be assumed to be a bot also and removed.

NOTE ON BOTS: Seems facebook has quite a bot problem, These bots spam facebook groups with crummy links and copy pasted information, They are a pest. Any posts all in caps or not low carb related please hit that report button.

We're pretty chill admins. Most things are fair game, but we reserve the right to delete posts or comments at our discretion if we believe they don't abide by these rules or do not contribute to the community.