in a world which you have been chosen to suffer, to be a slave, ...blinded with a wall of lies, a light exist to show you the right from wrong. many of us judge according to strength and those are the week ones, others judge according to what they've been told and those are the followers, but others course to keep listening, learning, realizing those are the free ones...
in this group many facts about life wold be discussed some are secrets which only luciferians will discuss in an other private luciferian group, and other paths that might clear non luciferian's mind cz some cant just see the truth or afraid to judge
but the most clear fact is that we all have problems in life why is that ? what is behind that? some think that their suffering is because of their own bad luck or that they are losers but in fact there is a power that exist only to push you down but what is that power? where did it came from, and who is controling it?and how to avoid them. ill try to answer all of your questions hope you can find yourself in this world through luciferism as i did