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Welcome to the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Autoimmune Disease group. We are glad you are here.The purpose of our group is to: support, encourage, and share accurate medical resources with our members. Individuals with ANY type of EDS and ANY autoimmune disease and their loved ones are welcome. We consider ourselves a sister board to the other groups and encourage you to ask broad EDS questions there, as they have many more members.

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, please review the rules, then send a PM request to the Admin.

1. NO "SHOULD I ER?": If you think you need the ER, GO! We are NOT doctors. CALL YOUR DOCTOR, don't Facebook!!!
2. FAMILY FRIENDLY: We have members of all ages, from all over the world. No vulgar language, please.
3. BE KIND: Bullying or rudeness to anyone, including the Admins, will not be tolerated.
4. NO MONEY: No links to sales, fundraisers, or charities without Admin approval.
5. NO MJ: This board invites those under 18 and because MJ is still controversial and illegal in many countries - and causes way too many fights on facebook,we ask you discuss it elsewhere. Link to EDS and Cannabis group is in the Pinned Post.
6. MISSION: Admins reserve the right to remove any pictures, links, and comments that are not in keeping with the group mission/purpose.
7. FILES: We keep files on topics relevant to EDSers. These are compiled links of others' research and are not medical advice. If YOU have a file to share, please check with an admin and SHARE IT!!
8. SCREENSHOTS: No posting screen shots from this group to other groups - even if you remove the poster's name and group name. It does not matter what your intent was in posting the screenshot. Please also do not post shots from other groups to this group unless it was your posting.
9. COMPLAINTS: If you have a complaint, tag an admin on the thread. If you have a complaint about another member or an admin, send it to the admin in a private message. We want you here, so please resolve issues privately.
10. PICS OF TRICKS: Please do not post pics of your EDS tricks. This causes microtears and inflammation. If you want to post a pic for a legit question, please just ask an admin first. This is NOT the place to ask what is normal. We are all zebras and don't know what is "normal" when it comes to hyperextension or hypermobility. As for rashes and other grossness, post away!
11. ADMINS: Please be nice to the admins. If you block an admin, you will be removed from the board. If you bash an admin on another board, you will be removed from the board. If you call me a "frumpy middle-aged housewife" as someone did on another board, I will laugh and tell you I think housewives are awesome, but still remove you from this board. Also, if you bash another boards' admins on this board, the same applies.

We hope you will find support and encouragement with our members. We are not perfect, but we do care about each other and continually try to find ways to improve the group.