MineCraft Malaysia Group

Welcome to MineCraft Malaysia Group.
Malaysia largest MineCraft community!

Salam Rakyat Malaysia and Minecraft players from other Countries.

The Rules
1. No advertising.
2. No uppercase.
3. Respect each others.
4. Do not use languages other than English or Malay.
5. Only MineCraft is allowed.
6.No Spamming

Anyone who breaks the rules will be removed from this group. For the good of us all.

More info.
1. Advertising : Advertising non-MineCraft and generator related will be banned permanently.
2. Respect : Arguing, swearing and porn related will be banned permanently.
3. Language : using other language than English and Malay will be banned permanently.
4. Uppercase : Large font size will worsen the situation and will be banned permanently.
5. No off topics: Only MineCraft.
6. No advertising anything for money.
7. No explicit language / content whatsoever.

Ignorance is no excuse, these rules apply regardless whether you've read them or not. By joining this group you have agreed to abide by the rules.

Secret note : Hello everyone! I can't state all the rules because you as user know what to do. Grow up dudes, We're playing playing jumbo size version of Legos (But much cheaper).. People said that the admin for this Group is not monitoring the Group. Do you think we're robots? We're human too.. Others claiming that they're better admin?? Fuck that!
I know that almost of you all are still a kid. Try be mature a bit and don't post anything stupid like "Weyh korang! Ada server yang best2 tak? IP please!"
"Look at me! I'm doing selfie!"
"oh no! herobrine chasing me!

Officially founded by TPS and Term.
Managed by Fishbuuk.

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