Modern dog training and behaviour advice

Welcome to the Modern Dog Training and Behaviour group.

This group aims to provide a forum for discussing up to date approaches to dog training and behavioural practice with an emphasis on methods, techniques and applications which are scientifically based and ethically balanced.

Topics that some may find controversial are also likely to be discussed and the viewpoints of individuals will vary. However, the focus should be on discussion, debate, information and education rather than the criticism of any individual. The group neither promotes nor endorses the use of aversive techniques, methods or equipment relating to such approaches but they may be discussed for the purposes of education and information. You should note that use of choke chains, prong collars and shock collars are not considered acceptable tools under any circumstances. Similarly, ethological concepts (such as dominance) may be discussed but the default position of the group is that the idea of dominance/pack theory is an invalid and harmful model to apply to the dog-human relationship.

Overall, critical thinking is more important than simply being critical.

Any requests for, or the provision of, advice on training or behavioural issues relating to a particular dog, by any group member (whether a canine professional or not), is at your own risk. Canine professionals canvassing ideas should maintain the confidentiality of their client relationships. Any advice offered should reflect the force free philosophy that underpins the group. Any advice offered which is considered to be harmful or not good practice may be deleted or it may be highlighted as unacceptable advice.

If a group member has any concerns relating to the behaviour of their dog then seek the help of an appropriate professional especially in the case of dog-dog/dog-human aggression or medical issues. This may well start with a veterinarian but also includes a behavioural practitioner so please find one qualified and knowledgeable of modern approaches in your area. For the US/UK you can try organisations for trainers such as:
The Pet Professional Guild, APDT (UK), VSPDT (Victoria Stilwell)
Truly Dog Friendly, Karen Pryor Academy, The Academy For Dog Trainers (Jean Donaldson)

For behavioural practitioners:

Do not post any adverts without permission even for rescue dogs/charity days/events and definitely not for puppy sales as they will be deleted and you may be removed from the group. Members may not block admins. For problems Admins can be found by going to the members list and using the drop down box to filter for Admins. The group is actively moderated as far as possible although admin presence in group is not guaranteed at all times but intervention is taken when and as necessary. Members are also advised not to contact other group members directly over issues posted in group.

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