Miniature Football Coaches Association

The MFCA is a 501c7 association with a mission of assisting the miniature football hobbyist by promoting miniature electric football, educating the public and providing an association which recognizes and supports the diverse coaches and leagues.

On the MFCA site we enforce a strict code of conduct for our paid members who have access to the site. We run this MFCA Facebook page as a benefit, not only to our MFCA members, but for the many non members who have an interest in learning more about the hobby, allowing them to share some of their work and to ask and find answers to their questions. This Facebook page allows us to realize part of our mission statement through education and promotion of the hobby. Use of the MFCA Facebook page is a privilege, not a right. We require all users of the Facebook page to uphold the motto of the MFCA which is unity, integrity and fellowship. This includes refraining from profanity, respecting the rights of others and acting with proper behavior. Our motto and mission is what we live by and the MFCA retains the right to remove any individual without notice from this group who repeatedly ignores these standards.