Michigan Graduate Consulting Club

Michigan Graduate Consulting Club (MGCC)


* Serve Michigan graduate students community (PhD, JD, MD and Master students) who share the same passion about pursuing management consulting as their career path.

* Create a community of future consultants and business leaders with advanced degrees and provide a platform for information exchange and experience sharing.

* Develop partnerships and share resources with other consulting organizations and groups.

Long-term Plans:

* Establish long-term relationship with consulting firms;

* Long-term partnership with other consulting organizations on campus for resource-sharing

* Become a well-developed organization for members looking for consulting opportunities;

* Prepare members for recruitment process and help them succeed in their consulting career.


MGCC welcomes any graduate student who shares the same passion towards consulting to join the club.
Currently, two types of involvements are provided: open subscription and membership.
Details regarding how to join MGCC can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/michigangcc/join

Planned Activities

* Case practice study group

* Weekly/biweekly case practice groups

* General consulting seminar

* Resume workshop

* Interview workshop

* Mock Case interview

* Company presentation

A full calendar of MGCC's campus events and activities can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/michigangcc/meetings

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