MHF Heavy Metal

MHF Heavy Metal

Hello, and welcome to MHF Heavy Metal! This is the heavy metal subgroup of Metalheads Forever. Please only post videos, pics, discussions, etc. related to classic heavy metal (like NWOBHM and the likes). Posts that are unrelated will be removed. If you want to post any other type of music, please join our main group, Metalheads Forever, or one of our many subgroups. We have something for everyone! Cheers, and ROCK ON!

Please observe the following rules and guidelines:

No porn
No spam
No racism
No sexism
No homophobia
No politics
No religion
No threats
No images of violence, unless specifically related to music, such as videos or album covers
No attacking someone's musical preferences, or attacking another group member
No bashing of bands and/or musicians
No unrelated posts, such as "add me" posts
No personal pics or selfies, except those that are music related, such as wearing a band shirt, holding a musical instrument, concert tickets, an album, etc.
No versus (vs.) posts, such as this band vs. that band, as they invariably lead to arguments, inappropriate comments, and someone taking offense
No links to other groups, unless they have prior approval by an admin. Those that do have prior approval have 30 minutes on our wall. No more than one post per day please.
No promotions or advertising, unless it's by a band or musician, and they have prior approval by an admin.

Violation of any of these rules may result in a warning, or you may be removed or banned, depending on which rule(s) you violate.

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the admin. team.

Thanks for joining MHF! We hope you enjoy your time with us! smile emoticon \m/