MLM Baby Boomers

Welcome to MLM Baby Boomers. You are welcome to join this group if you are a baby boomer, born 1946-1964 and in a network marketing company/MLM or at least open to the idea.

Please use this group to develop relationships with other Baby Boomers.

You may post your opportunity and/or products but ONLY in this way:

Please limit posts with links or phone numbers to once every 8-10 times you post in the group so it doesn't get spammy.

When you post product or opportunity, you MUST add a personal comment to the link with your PERSONAL experience with it or, in the case of a product, someone else's personal experience with it and how it can help our Baby Boomer friends.

Personal testimonies are now ok to post, just make sure we know that you are posting your product or opportunity.

Lets keep this group clean and help each other out.