Welcome to “MLM and Tools” Open Group!

Here you can advertise your primary business, MLM, and Tools that can be used in advertising or marketing your MLM. The key is that it must be relevant to the name of this group.

There are some minor restrictions and conditions which are reasonable.

(1) Each member has only one account, and not more.
(2) Two tier program is not an MLM. Therefore it is not allowed to be advertised here, unless the product is a tool e.g. autoresponder.
(3) The word “Tool” is not confined to software only. It also includes “techniques”, e.g. a way to do SEO without using a software.
(4) No scams, money games, or any programs bordering on illegality are allowed. A good example is a program with no product, or with an “excuse” product like one e-book.
(5) No spamming is allowed. One example is excessive posting.
(6) The Administrator or other appointed administrators of the Group may delete any posting at any time if deemed inappropriate in anyway. The decision is final. No justification is needed to be given.

The Group’s objective is to share “value” in MLM knowledge and opportunities. It should be a fun and profitable experience. So please help keep it this way.

Join us now and let’s make history together!

Your colleague and friend,

Ray Rapeepat, Administrator and Initiator.