MyLeadSystemPRO Community (Official Group)

Who is MLSP? You are.
MyLeadSystemPRO is a community-inspired internet marketing education, leadership development and training platform.
We are a membership based group of entrepreneurs with a great vision of freedom and lifestyle design. We thrive on digging into not only the latest but the tried and true steadfast strategies to market our businesses online. Attraction marketing principles are at our core.
We fuel Network Marketings' brightest, most talented and most driven to achieve their greatest potential while providing a supportive and fertile environment for growth.
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What this group is for: asking MLSP oriented questions, answering MLSP oriented questions, asking online marketing questions, sharing what strategies are working for you, sharing positive results, welcoming people to the community.

What this group is NOT for: pitching your primary business, sharing ANY affiliate link in which you will profit or benefit if people click on the link, sharing your blog posts or directing people to your blog, sharing your videos or directing people to your You Tube channel, adding the link to your FB fan page and asking people to go to your fan page, shameless self promotion.

Any of these above acts will cause immediate deletion and possible banning from the group.

FYI - there are 3 documents in this group that have been created specifically for people to add their blog, you tube channel, and FB fan page to.

USE THESE DOCUMENTS TO GET PEOPLE TO YOUR BLOG, YOU TUBE CHANNEL OR FB FAN PAGE!!!! Do not create individual posts in this group to promote your blog, fan page, etc.