M/M Book Rec


This is the M/M Book Recommendations group.
Here you will find a vast range of books and topics with one thing in common...Male/Male.

This includes books featuring gay erotica, and pictures occasionally showing the male form, if easily offended do not join....if you appreciate these things, then welcome!

Readers, feel free to share with us any books you love.
Authors, you are more than welcome to promote your books here.
Aspiring writers, you are also welcome to link us to any works you may have.

We are happy for you to recommend other M/M products, e.g films, TV shows ect.

- Please respect that everyone has different tastes/opinions.
- Readers, please respect authors decisions, most of them come from the publishers. If wondering or upset about covers, prices of the books, length of books etc please be respectful and where possible try to pose this as a question. Our authors don't always get a choice in this but may be able to shed some light if asked nicely.
- Please don't ask for download links to books (unless they are free originally). This also applies to limited time 'giveaways', they are limited for a reason. Once the offer has ended please don't ask for copies.
- Please don't post porn or sexually graphic pictures..as much as we like them we don't want the group to get reported.
- Please try and leave 72 hours when promoting your books, unless it's a competition or limited time event.
- Regarding the above, there is now a search facility, you are welcome to search for a previous promotional post and bump your original post up that way. Please don't remove a previous post then re-post.

If Admin ask you to not do something, please respect that. We like having the group a drama free place.

Admin have the right to remove any post or members deemed offensive/abusive/spam or any post or member that doesn't fit within the group.

If anyone has any problems with the group, feel free to contact Admin (Michelle, Donna, Sarah). We can be found under the Admin tab in the members link.

Finally and mostly HAVE FUN, MAKE FRIENDS!