Meet Your facebook love & show Your romantic feelings online.

welcum 2 d atmosphere of lov,dis group was created to enable members meet a reasonable en responsible frnd dat dey can share deir moments en feelins so dat dey can do away wit their is also a group dat helps u find a chatmate, create an avenue 4 tru friendship,u cn upload ur personal pix so dat u cn easily get in touch wit sum1.
<1> we talk abt love stories in general
<2>relationship problems
♥>share ur dreams
<4> gist{all kinds}
<5>dating Tips
<6>share ur worries or experience to seek advice or educate people abt tin they ned to knw.
<7>funny update or pictures.
<8> fact about life.
it is been created by Mo'chakidz Idibia en he is also d general president of dis group.We call ourselvz "big boys en big girls".dis group has many interestin features such as: {1}the group's most popular boy of the month{it makes u popular en attracts comment to ur post if ure active} {2} the group's most popular girl{queen}
{3} the group's most popular post of the week.
RULES=we also av rules en regulations en also executives guidin dis group en anybody dat goes contrary 2 d rules wil b banned for 4days bt if d person continues wit it,d person wil b totaly blockd 4rm d ar d rules
(1)sex posts,vulgar slangs,nude pix uploads ar NOT ALLOWED.
(2)Members shud try en make peace en also kill trouble makin spirits
(3)Any memba dat think or feel he needs 2 b counsel or adviced shud feel free 2 ask questions so far it's reasonable
rule {4}any memba dt felt insultd by a fellow memba shudn't use d group wall as a medium or a place 2 strike bck.
Rule{5} members shud Add FRIENDS and every memba of dis group hv a right 2 freedom of speech buh must use it wisely en responsibly,no tribal,religious or gender differences shud b used against each ,any memba dt is found guilty will lose his/her membership.our rules are easy to keep,
If the group hs helped u in anyway pls post it as feed back to strengthen d faith of others,,and pls add ur friends cus we give rewards to members that deserve it,ure all welcum.