MagFed B/S/T

This is for the direct and specific interest STRICTLY in MagFed items.

1. Every Sale or Trade post MUST include a DESCRIPTION, PICTURE and PRICE.
2. Any post 15 days or older with no activity will be deleted.
3. Forward requested pics to the requesters inbox/email
4. Albums are okay as long as you put the info, details and price in the description.
5. Links to ebay and Craigslist are permitted as long as they are your own.
6. Companies are welcomed and may post sales.
7. One BUMP per 24 hours. (a comment on your post is considered a BUMP)
8. Please be Respectful.
9. Do Not Question Sellers Price.
10. Do Not ask buyers to cover PayPal fees.
11. Any problems please address the admins.

1. Update and Maintain your Sale/Trade/Wanted post.
2. Dated pic.
3. If sold elsewhere please update.
4. Paypal is HIGHLY recommended. (GIFTED payments are NOT recommended at all)
5. Please make sure you know what you are buying/trading.
6. Ask as many questions as you need so to be comfortable with your purchase or trade.

Buy / Sell / Trade at your own risk
Thank You =]


***Rules may change accordingly***