Magic Lens Photography - portraits, weddings and newborns

OK - so let's start the project and the international group: Mag...ic Lens Photography.
1. This is a group for international photographers to share their images, ask questions and give feedback to fellow photographers.
2. Each profile is checked to be appropriate and authentic before being approved. If we don't see evidence of you being a photographer in your Facebook profile, we won't add you to this group. Sorry ;)
3. This is a place to prepare your images for Magic Lens Awards Contest every year (judged by an international Jury - and smaller online competitions every week in this group (judged by an Admin). Every week 10 best images will be chosen by an Admin and published. The final voting and selecting the best three Winners is in Members' hands.
4. Each winner of the month (chosen by an Admin among all images posted in this group) will have a chance to submit one free Entry for yearly competition:
5. The group is about: posing, natural light, off-camera flashes, LEDs and different sources of light so photos posted to the group should reflect that, please. Images posted to the group MUST include short description how they were created. IF YOUR PHOTO DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DESCRIPTION of the lighting setup, IT CAN BE DELETED ANY TIME, WITHOUT WARNING.
6. Please note: Any photo in the group may be selected by Admins to be the banner image for the group.
7. This is a place to learn: newborn photography, wedding images, classical portraits and pre wedding masterpieces.
8. You can post ONE IMAGE every day.
9. The image can NOT to be an image shared from your other profile(s) or other website(s). The image must be uploaded here, in THIS group directly with the description (no external links). Direct high resolution upload only, no shared links, please.
10.The group is also a great place to ask about: rules and details.
11. Do not use this page to make advertising for your own page, this page is for submission purposes only. You may share your facebook page in comment.
12. Do not post pornographic or disturbing photos, videos and other media in this group.
13. Haters will be removed without any wornings! We want to LEARN & GROW in this group.