Leavittsburg/Champion - MAKE ME AN OFFER!

• This is a Leavittsburg/Champion Ohio Area Group that its members might want to buy, sell or trade goods or services. Post items you might want to get rid of or trade.

• This group creator and administrators have no liability what so ever pertaining to any actions or transaction in this group. All jobs, items and services are at each others own risk." By Joining this group all members agree. "

• The creator and administrators of this group reserve the right to refuse, reject, or terminate any member or prospective member and or photos of this group

• Ok everyone! Here are a few guidelines to get us started!

1. This is a CLEAN group - no vulgarity, no obscene for sale items, etc; or you will be REMOVED FROM THE GROUP IMMEDIATELY.

2. When you post an item- PLEASE put photo once your item has sold-you MUST delete the pic from the page!

3. If you see something you want to buy, it's up to you and the seller to work out the price, conditions, meeting place, etc. Please use common sense when meeting people (Meet In Busy Public Location)! :)

4. If you say you want to purchase something and do no reply back the seller may then move on to the next person in line.

5. This is a place for regular people who don't own a business to sell their stuff. NO GROUP ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE.

6. If you are posting multiple items, please do place them in an album so that it is not utilizing the entire page. By not posting in an album, you are taking up unnecessary news feed space.

7. This is the LEAVITTSBURG/CHAMPION, OHIO buy, sell or Trade site- so if you are buying, selling or trading something- You need to be willing to come to LEAVITTSBURG/CHAMPION to meet the other person. Thank you for understanding.

8. ALL items must have a picture & description!

9. It is up to the seller to either list a Price, Price & OBO, Make An Offer, or Bid (open for 24hrs only) - PLEASE SPECIFY ON PHOTO/ALBUM what type!