Malaysian Yard Sale (MYS) - Sell Your Junk Here

Welcome to Malaysian Yard Sale (MYS),

This is a non-profit group created for all of you to sell off your unused/preloved items or to hunt for something that you want at a bargain price. Someone's junk is another's treasure.

Please read the following guidelines before you begin:

1. Feel free to post up your items for sale here but STRICTLY NO BUSINESSES, SERVICES (this includes online business) or GROUP BUY is allowed here.

2. Please PRICE YOUR ITEM, indicate CONDITION OF ITEM (brand new or preloved or any defect) & METHOD OF DELIVERY (either COD, self pick up or by post) & LOCATION OF ITEM. Please do not post your item up without pricing them and request people to PM. Items without the above mentioned details may risk getting deleted.

3. Items allowed are preloved, unused, or any personal/household items that you want to let go. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL PROMOTION please. However, if you have a bottle or two of your unused alcohols that you want to let go, then it's ok.

4. If you have more than 5 items to post in a single day, please create an album, upload your photos there and share. DO NOT DIRECTLY POST TO THE WALL. This is to prevent your posts clogging up the whole wall & to give other members' posts a chance to be seen.

5. You MAY BUMP your items but it is LIMITED to ONE BUMP PER ITEM PER DAY. Excessive bumping may risk your posts being DELETED & you will be given a warning.

6. SPAMMERS will be BOOTED OUT IMMEDIATELY. Members who failed to adhere to the mentioned guidelines will also be booted out.

7. Once the transaction is done, kindly DELETE the sold items.

8. Please be ethical whether you are a seller or buyer. Be gentle, kind, thoughtful, honest (about the condition of the items) & be fair (of the price/ to the buyer).

Admin Task:
Daily Monitoring, Weekly housekeeping on every Saturday, Monthly Feel Free Discussion - Open to all members to express ideas/ experiences but neutral & positive (first week of each month)

Last but not least, whether online or in the real world, communicating, transacting or trading with our members in order to avail of any product must be done with your usual vigilance, sagacity and discernment. Neither MYS group nor the admin has any responsibility for the accretion of the info or any abuse that might occur.

Ok, cheerios! Happy Selling & Shopping!


Admin - Michelle Lee
Co-admin - Belinda Wee