Manitou Healing Center

Manitou Healing Center, a place of healing, learning, teaching. A place of peace and love. A place of Prayer.
The vision was told to me over 20 years ago by my Heart Mother. She told me that in my life time I would see many changes, in the way of thinking , doing, seeing, not just for myself but for all. She said that we would see the old way return although in a new way. That all would come together as one, and help each other heal, heal the healers.
As the years went on and life lead the way our conversation would come back to me...then one day late last year.. when speaking with a friend, she started telling me about the dream she had had the night before. It was my Heart Mother talking to me all over again.. retelling the vision. After she finished telling me her dream I told her about the vision. Then two days later my wonderful Husband, Ken Steiner, came to the breakfast table looking like he had had a fight with the blankets and they won.. his hair was all over and I could tell there was something on his mind. He told me he had had a dream.. very vivid.. in color.. I said oh do tell,( I love to here peoples dreams) he started telling me about this place he was working on in his dream he said it was a place of healing, learning, teaching, a place of peace and love.... a place of prayer. I stopped him there and called my friend so she as well could hear his dream... they had never spoken until this moment. Ken started telling her the dream.. then they were finishing each others thoughts... after they were finish sharing ... I told them both of the vision.... we all sat in thought for a moment.. It was then discussed that she and Ken were messengers, to let me know that it was time to follow the vision of my Heart Mother...
Since.. I have gone into bring forth all that I have been given and taught.. The vision has come to me very strongly.. I see it in my waking hours as well as my sleeping time. I am but a student in this Universe.. daughter of the Mother Earth... I do not know all and I will not pretend to.. I am a woman of truth and good... and I want to share the VISION WITH ALL.
The vision is of a sacred place were all can come...the hub of the Medicine Wheel of Turtle Island, Manitou Springs Colorado and from the hub the spokes of the wheel will come.. we are all one .. one energy... one spirit.. no matter personal beliefs... the color of skin.. all are to be welcomed. This I saw in the Vision.
The land were the center is to be... is to given...the teachings... healings.. free.
When the vision came to me it was very clear that this was the way it needed to be. We can not charge for what is given freely and with love by the Great Spirit.. we are vessels and He works through us. The Manitou Healing Center is to be built out of love and the goodness of others.
Join me and many others in this vision of peace and love.

Smokie Whitewolf Woman