OFFICIAL Mapua Institute of Technology Batch 2013

Official Group of Mapua Institute Technology Batch 2013

This is a Facebook group created by selected students from Batch’13 for the students of Mapua Institute Technology to connect in. Members are free to post anything here - Mapua-related topics, especially - but generally, anything under the sun is allowed. Discuss the latest news on Mapua, introduce yourselves, share your interests, kid around with other members... However, to keep it a fun, healthy and safe place for members to hang out in, we've come up with some rules that we hope each member will abide to. We reserve the right to give out warnings as well as delete posts and remove and ban members without prior notice whenever we feel like these rules have not been followed.

1. Be respectful to others. Do not use foul language or insult other members. Don't post inappropriate or sensitive content.
*Take good heed of your posts and comments to avoid causing unnecessary conflict within the group.
*Keep peace and order within the members of the group.

2. This group stands firmly against any form of hate.
*There is zero tolerance for bullying or harassing other members.
* Bashing of other members are also prohibited.

3. Ask the admins for permission before plugging sites or groups.
* We have our own documents in the group which can be edited by the members which includes the log book and a list for social networking accounts.

4. What you see here, stays here.
We will try hard to keep the peace and make this a great place to meet new friends. Just tag or message any admin if you have any questions or feel someone has violated the above rules.

Rock on! :)