Marrickville 2020

A group of visionary locals who can see the big picture and can lead our humble suburb into the future. We as a collective of Marrickville Residents want to "future proof" our suburb and advance our community spirit and well being into the future.

Courtesy guidelines: post as you would speak to your neighbours face to face at a local cafe. That rules out rudenesses such as personal attacks, random advertising blasts, and political grandstanding.

To clarify what this means (based on the things which cause unrest and complaint from members):

People can (and should!) discuss local issues, and even disagree passionately, as long as they "fight clean", and debate honourably.

Business owners are welcome to mention their business from time to time, especially if someone asks, and of course are always welcome to come up with a special offer for M2020 members (mates' rates can be offered over a coffee without causing offence). You wouldn't start handing out unsolicited flyers to your friends over coffee, so don't do it here, either.

Politicians and the politically active are welcome to mention their political affiliation, express opinions on local issues, and join in the general conversation, but not to post unsolicited blatant political ads or posts which denigrate their political rivals.