The McClure Clan

The official gathering of the families and descendents of Floyd and Helen McClure of Hutchinson, Minnesota.

So, many of you wanted an online McClure presence yet have privacy concerns. Since most of us are on Facebook anyway, and Facebook has built in privacy settings, it is most logical to create a McClure Facebook group. As you can see, the group's privacy setting is set to "closed" so that McClure's can find the group, but nobody outside the group can see what's inside (so John can openly profess his love of Justin Bieber and still keep it private). Once a member, you can post whatever you want the family to read, pictures and videos. If you are away from your computer and don't have a Facebook app on your phone, you can also post words, pictures and videos to the McClure Clan wall by emailing your post to [email protected] - whatever you email will get posted directly to the wall.

Have fun, take care!

PS: From your Facebook page, suggest this group to other family members to get them in The McClure Clan group!