Me2u freebies Cardiff

Me2u Freebies Cardiff Rules
This page is set up for people in the community of Cardiff to Exchange or give goods for free. This page is not associated with any other free-cycling page .
The aim is for a friendly respectful easy going place to grab a freebie.
Any queries or issues can be brought to admin's attention by in-boxing one of us. we will do our up most to rectify any issues. but just please respect that we don not carry a magic wand and we are only human.
Admin details are as follows
Angie hula Hooper.
Delme Edwards
Natasha Currie
Hollie Wainwright

Rules for the group.
1. Please : No selling on of items that have been given for free.
2.No advertising of any kind unless it has been approved by admin e.g . a charity event .
3.Manners, they do not cost and using them correctly and freely goes a long way, show respect and common courtesy.
4. No abusive or offensive language at any time.
5.No animals , not even for re-homing, there are specific pages for animals.
6. Please think before asking for an item, do you really need it or could someone benefit more? Excessive requests will be warned.
7.Could members who post please be clear on the location the item is to be picked up from.
8. Givers choice on who they give t he item too pending on much interest:

Fair offer policy,
Some users may prefer to opt for the FOP option as it gives the people in interest maximum fairness on the offered item.
The giver may use a 'pick out of hat' method or a random number picker, they may even pick a person of their own accord, it is entirely up to the giver of the item.
First come first serve,
again its up to the giver of the item to specify this in their posting.

Please remember this is a voluntary run page and users should respect the rules of the page failure to follow rules could result in a ban.
Many thanks for joining and reading :)
Enjoy the freebies.