Medellin Entrepreneurs Society

Welcome to the Medellin Entrepreneurs Society, where 1+1>2. Our minds together create an outcome more then our minds apart.

Feel free to ask questions, invite like minded people, add business documents, or show off your business. - questions? Message me

A few rules to keep things sane:
1. We are here to support each other in our businesses and lives, please show respect to all here.
2. Please decide whether your post is business related or should be in a craigslist type section of another group. (example...Where to purchase a new sofa for my living room?) Also, there is a thin line between asking questions to help your business and spamming the group for customers. (The lady from USA selling shoes on here a while back) Use best judgement.
3. No Multi-level marketing posts will be allowed, Sorry.
4. Please sign up in our Google Drive list, your new business partner may be listed here too!