This site was created for sellers to advertise small businesses, shops, services, preschools, lessons, etc. & for those looking to buy. Please invite your family & friends as small businesses we rely a lot on word of mouth & we need your help advertising the page!

Shoppers – Check out the Photo Albums Tab for easier shopping.

Please review the rules.
Rule #1 - You can post 1 advertising post about your business must include business name. Also suggested you include link to facebook page, etsy, website, etc & contact information. & bump it once a week if you have to be reminded more than once you will be removed. We try to make this as easy and fair as we can for every business owner.

Rule #2 - You can post any items you have for sale (in hand or custom made/ordered) as long as it is related to your business. Please post your business name! NO CONSIGNMENT/YARDSALE ITEMS! It is strictly business items on hand or custom made/ordered. Please use albums or collages as much as possible. Again only bumping post once a week. You are not limited to the number of posts you have of actual items you are selling that are on hand or custom ordered/made, but please limit them so they don’t overtake the wall.

Rule #3- Please only repost or “bump” your ad once a week.

Rule #4 - No ads about recruiting for your business (ie no description listed, looking for team members, now hiring, & especially ones with “small” startup fees). Post all job listings here:

Any job listings posted will be removed.

Rule #5 - If you live outside of the Mesa/Gilbert area, you are allowed to post as long you are willing to bring your good/service to the Mesa/Gilbert area. Please don’t post if you are unwilling to do so.

Rule #6 - Event postings are allowed & encouraged. You can bump event ads once a day the week of the event. Please delete your flyer after the event is over.


ADD A PHOTO TO YOUR POST. Make a collage of the items you sell, some example photography, or just a nice ad photo with all of your business information and add it to the services/goods albums. It may make the difference between someone skipping you or clicking you.

“Bump” – to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" in the comment section of your post.

ISO – In Search Of. We encourage any potential buyers to use this if you are looking for a specific product or service.

Everyone should make sure their posts include key words that people can search for in order to find your type of service. If you already posted, you can add key words in the comments below and then it will come up in the search function.

The administrators of this site assume no responsibility for the private sales between members, or comments and posts from members.

Please be courteous & remember we are all here for the same reasons.