More Than A Mom (PlayDates)

This is a local group of moms or moms to be. For Michigan! I hope we can all ask questions, build friendships, gather support, make play dates and so much more. This is a place to talk, vent, laugh or cry... anything goes really.
We are trying to make a place ware moms can meet other moms. I post/share/make play dates. ANYONE can add to the pined posts for play dates. On the weekend I will unpin them.
Brandi Snape Stephenie James Letcher and Myself were on a group for moms but it was all thru Canada and it was massive. So I instead joined a smaller group of moms that I got really close to. We talk about everything from hard days to great days. Divorce, getting married being married. Having a new baby and or having babies or children. The teenage years. We share everything and its wonderful. But I am the only American and I miss out on all the mommy dates and all the wine lol. SO! I asked Brandi what she thought about starting a local moms group ware we can hopefully meet other moms to make play dates, make friends..... And have wine... Coffee.... !! Girls nights out. Also ware our other halves can meet after we build friendships.
If you want to ask a question but want it to be private, message either Admin and we will post it anonymously. OR you can have someone you are more comfortable with post it for you :)
My goal here is to respect other moms, learn from them and teach them what we have learned. After all! We and our kids are all different and none of my children came with and instruction manual!
I Look forward to meeting you. I have a blast at these play groups and I absolutely love the park time play events that we offer. Welcome to our group, we hope it becomes yours as well.