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This group is for people who have Migraine disease or care about someone who does. We are here to learn and support each other as we work toward the most effective Migraine management possible. Please note that we can share information here, but we cannot give medical advice. Members should also refrain from giving medical advice. The group is not a substitute for professional medical care.

Always keep in mind three things:
1) There IS hope.
2) Education is our best tool.
3) None of us is alone with this disease!

It should be noted that this will be a SPAM-FREE ZONE. There is no cure for this disease yet, so do not post to tell us about your miracle cures, lure us into work-from-home schemes, etc.. We don't want to "hear" it. This group is also not the place to promote your blog or writings. If you don't participate in other discussions, such links will be removed. Please do NOT join this group to promote products or services. Spamming will not be tolerated.

For more information about Migraine disease, visit www.healthcentral.com/migraine.

Live well,