Million Dollar Travel Agents (or soon to be)

Please feel free to invite your other travel agent friends to join this group. From time to time, Ill post some tips, tricks and strategies...if you promise to share openly as well.

I will be happy to help you grow your business and your profits. In joining this group, you agree to NOT solicit any of MY (or each others) clients such as facebook friends by "friending" them and posting your "specials".

This is a group of the BEST (Brave Entreprenuerial Sellers Of Travel) who are or wish to be Million Dollar Travel Agents. We are here to help each other. Please do not invite people that are outside of the travel industry to join this group.

When you post from within this private group, your posts will show up in your newsfeed, but cannot be seen by NON group members. Sensitive information is kept private from other friends, prospects and clients.

Oh, one more thing. We want WINNERS, not please be professional, polite and POSTIVE about our collective PASSION!

Welcome Aboard,

Captain Lou