MINDORO ISLAND is a paradise island jewel in the Southern part of Philippine Archipelago where nice people & good products come from. Divided into two provinces by virginal mountains of Mt. Halcon & Mt. Baco, Mindoro, the Philippines’ seventh-largest island, has been called Ma-i or Mait by ancient Chinese traders and, by Spaniards, as Mina de Oro, which means "gold mine". The island was once a single province from 1920 to 1950 until it was divided into its two present-day provinces, Oriental Mindoro and Occidental Mindoro.

Aside from being the home of friendly native Mangyan tribesmen, the extinct tamaraw or wild buffalo, & refreshingly unique species of fauna & flora, Mindoro is also the home of peaceful & industrious people whose talents, skills, ideas & hospitality are appreciated all over the world.

Mindoro is not only a place of fresh air, panoramic views, & rich natural resources, but also the cradle of golden dreams & pride of a true Filipino.

May this group page provide at least a glimpse for those who, like me & all of us, have always missed our beloved island home.

-Alvaro Eduardo
*Reporter ng Mindoro