Mitchells Plain In Arms

There are huge challenges in society today due to an ageing population, unemployment, rise of cost of living, and more

With a rising demand for health and social services; a growing burden of lifestyle, particularly due to hunger, no residence, no clothes to wear; there is a growing need from the community to receive the form of help and hope we all can aspire to give them. We want to make sure to give the community what they need and not what they want.

Mitchell"s Plain In Arms better knows as MIA was formed in 2014 by a group of people motivated to help the vulnerable and needy. This remains the motivation of the key personnel, to continue to redress the survival issues in the community. Our market research and daily work with members of the local community has enabled us to identify the necessity of our work.

Chairperson: Tanya Van Wyk
Vice Chair Person: Natalie Davids
Treasure: Celeste April
Ass. Treasure: Lizahn Wyngaard
Secretary: Sonia Thomas
Ass. Secretary: Deidre Griffiths
Spokes Person: George Felix
Trustee member: Candice Van Wyk
Trustee member: Judy Lincoln
Trustee member: Shakira Muller

Anyone is welcome to contact us to become part of the volunteer members. Do you ever wonder where the money and supplies comes from to assist everyone the way we do? It doesn't come from the government or from city funds. It comes from you, the community, people willing to help others, willing to spark a bit of hope in others lives. Every day we use that money and supplies to uplift our community, may it be monetary, food supplies or clothing. Our organization has many projects planned.
So how do we get the funds we use? That's easy - through the dedicated support of people like you. As someone who wants to improve and uplift the community, the first step starts with you. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to go out and assist.. Would you help us further our efforts with a donation of 1 tin of food / clothes / teddy bears or anything you can donate?

All donations received are photographed and record kept so that when donations are handed out we can thank those that contributed to a specific project.We ensure that we take pics and post on this page so people can see that we are not selling their goods and that they are actually going to helping Capetonians in need

***All photographs taken and posted are done with the permission of the people receiving donations ***

1. Do not make comments that may be harmful to another human being
2. No profanity
3. Your opinion matters but please be respectful
4. Strictly no politics or religion - everybody is human and entitled to the same treatment in my eyes
5. Never contact my members privately requesting items or assistance - if reported i will remove you from the group
Email: [email protected]