Mooji, Eckhart & The Awakened

This is a discussion forum for those who adhere to eastern philosophies, especially
those that love Mooji, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts and others in that vein. Others that are not are also welcomed.

I started this group honoring the right that other groups have, because they are dedicated to one particular guru, to significantly restrict the mention of other gurus, even if they were totally compatible with the guru to which the page was dedicated. I was in a Bentinho Massaro group and that happened and I respected it. That gave me the idea to form a group without those restrictions. Bentinho learned about this group and visited it and mentioned the group in his own large group. Thanks to that I had success with this group , especially in the beginning and I thank him very much.

In this group one can feel free to celebrate any guru that has helped you in your path. I, like most people in the know, however, advise to always remember that we can be our own guru as well and that gurus are, like Buddha said, a finger pointing to the moon.

In the group immature arguments will not be tolerated. Use your own discretion concerning the use of profanity. I trust that we are intelligent enough to not make a habit of it. If it does get out of hand, the rule will be modified accordingly.

We can discuss practically any guru here and the experiences we have had following the way in which they have been pointing us to. This can be a Satsang or a Sangha to you as well as a discussion board, but no silly arguments please. And of course Metaphysical Christianity will have a voice here, as I love it. Jesus would have had no big quarrel with the Buddha, as I always say.

I will be editing this section as I see fit as we go along. Feel free to suggest anything. There will be more to come!