Mormon Religious Thought

Mormon Religious Thoughts:
Is an e-space to think and spiritually ponder or meditate upon the concepts of Mormon religious thought and theology. By that I mean to refer to those kinds of theological thoughts or meditations that are from especially the Book of Mormon as Scripture.

Book of Mormon theology is consistent, I have found afdter decades of scholarly analysis at Princeton, Cambridge University and Yale, with what the Danish thinker Soren Kierkegaard termed the "recapitulation" or "reduplication" in one's life as Christian loving action, to focus on theology as applied to life and to each of our lives, to be fully internalized.

If it is true, as has been persuasively suggested in the academic literature on Mormon theology, that each Mormon must eventually become in the final instance his or her own theologian as led by the Holy Spirit, then perhaps these religious thoughts can ideally be an effort of that type of meaningful, for example, Jamesian-Pascalian thoughts of application that will help energize or edify any of us as we cope with this life's thickets and thorns.

One insight, among others, that justifies this use of a public forum for the sharing of individual Mormon thoughts is this: that in thinking about the basics, within that very act is embodied the motive for what will become the faithful effort that the Lord individually may require.
In that sense, I believe, that every word of scriptural theological thoughtfulness always has potentially the power to both enrich and move forward our actions by the light of the Atonement.