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Motorcycle Country - Riding Club is about Riding, we don't care what you ride as long as you ride, respect everyone no matter what bike they ride, their race, religion, be nice to everyone that's it!

For our Facebook page you are NOT required to Own a bike, biker friends, enthusiasts.

No Alcohol or Drugs on our rides! You will be asked to leave!
Everyone MUST have fun! good laughter, make new friends, see new places.

If your a new rider you also welcome, we will help you learn to ride in a group safely, the more you ride with the group the better you become.

How to join MCRC go to:
If AFTER you read the blog still have questions, feel free to contact me.

We do not tolerated club bashing or badmouthing any club, organization or individual, so be respectful, honorable and honest with your comments.

LOVE - Honesty – Respect – Loyalty – Brotherhood – Honor - TRUST

"Our Word is our bond"