Motorsports Photography

Welcome to the Motorsport Photography.

The purpose of this group is to build a global network of Motorsport Photographers who are are constantly striving to improve.

1) You can only post images that YOU shot.
2) If you post an image and expect Constructive Criticism, it will be expected that you offer your own CC on images in the group.
3) No for sales threads.
4) It's ok to be negative about an image, but do it in a way that offers suggestions for improvements.
5) One image per day. Extra images may be deleted.
6) Only post work your comfortable with the entire planet seeing.
7) Post images directly into the group and not shared from other sites/pages. You can credit yourself if you feel the need using the '@blahblahpagename'.

If you act like a dick, or spam the group, you will be removed without warning.

Please share the group with your motorsport photographer friends. Let's build something awesome!